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Ravaglioli 242 Outdoor Electro-Mechanical Mobile Column Lift

Item Ref: RAV242

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Ravaglioli's Column Lift range combines an impressive range of features to bring you the high quality you've come to expect from Ravaglioli equipment. With a wide range of column lifts available, compatible with both indoor and outdoor workplaces, Ravaglioli offers a column lift set to suit every requirement. Boxed in sheet steel with sliding profiles of rollers in high resistance steel, the columns making up the RAV 242 promise a long operational life. Steel rollers for movement of the carriage are fitted on self-lubricating bearings meaning they require no maintenance. There is direct drive to the spindle, this is achieved by means of a self-braking motor-gear unit, with automatic lubrication of the spindle and nuts. Safety Features You can expect the very best safety in operation of all our Ravaglioli lifts and equipment, and our column lift series is no exception with both mechanical and electrical safety devices incorporated which comply with the most severe of European Safety Regulations. Thermal protection for the motors incase of overload potentially increases the working life of your lift, an emergency stop in case of incident, and a cut-out of the lifting operation should a main nut begin to wear.