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Ravaglioli 222N Electro-Mechanical Mobile Column Lift

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Ravaglioli's Column Lift range combines an impressive range of features to bring you the high quality you've come to expect from Ravaglioli equipment. With a wide range of column lifts available, compatible with both indoor and outdoor workplaces, Ravaglioli offers a column lift set to suit every requirement. With automatically lubricated screws thanks to felt pads supplied by a permanent oil reservoir and guaranteeing lubrication during movement, and with a series of Ertalon manufactured runners (10 per carriage total) with a low friction coefficient along with excellent resistance to wear, the 222N has a remarkable working life. Thanks to its Ertalon manufactured runners, the lift also guarantees a balance lifting of the entire vehicle in any position. Primary Operation Features Simultaneous operation of all columns, with an electronic system ensuring all columns are operating in total synchronisation with a safety stop in the unlikely case of any malfunction. An electronic device checks the correct main supply phase sequence, and the lift sports low voltage controls (24V) on the main column with dead-man push buttons. Safety Features You can expect the very best safety in operation of all our Ravaglioli lifts and equipment, and our column lift series is no exception with both mechanical and electrical safety devices incorporated which comply with the most severe of European Safety Regulations. Thermal protection for the motors incase of overload potentially increases the working life of your lift, an emergency stop in case of incident, and a cut-out of the lifting operation should a main nut begin to wear.